First sign of snow!

The first sight of snow this week gave me a second to reflect on a few things.  One being that we actually moved to Minnesota! And we are doing exactly what we wanted to do.  Jonathan got the job that he wanted.  I got my 3 months to unwind from a job that I hated (and give my toe time to heal since I broke it the first day moving!) I now have a job with no stress, great hours, and it’s fun! Who can say they work at Mall of America! I’m going back to school and starting classes in January. Big opportunities coming up for Jonathan in his two new adventures that he’s beginning! I’ll let him spill the beans on those. We have been able to cross off more of our bucket list in 3 1/2 months than we ever did in Dallas.  While I miss a lot about the great state of Texas, I’m looking forward to experience all the great things that this state has to offer!  Up next, the second part of the 5*8 club, Matt’s Bar challenge!! Til next time—:)

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